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National Volunteer Week 2015

This week is National Volunteer Week, and that is a reason to celebrate! More than 80% of The HALO Foundation is made up of volunteers. From working directly with the youth to behind the scenes efforts, HALO volunteers do it all! Passionate and dedicated people with diverse backgrounds work diligently to ensure that The HALO Foundation…

Tino Quiroga

Meet Tino Quiroga: HALO’s Newest Research Ambassador!

The HALO Foundation is happy to introduce Tino Quiroga, HALO’s newest Research Ambassador now living in Guatemala. Tino is spending his time doing international research for a potential new HALO-supported home. Ever since he was a young child, helping others and giving back has been deeply rooted in his family and upbringing. Hailing from Seattle, he…


The Best of 2014 HALO Highlights

Here are the best of the 2014 HALO Highlights! Just a few short moths ago, HALO finished 2014 with a bang. Monthly donations were increased by 30% and the wide variety events and fundraisers hosted in this past year raised well over $150,000. The donations have allowed HALO to continue to support 13 orphanages internationally, and…

HALO Decade Award Winners

HALO Honors “Decade Award” Winners

HALO honors the following people who have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support HALO Youth, supported over 1,000 youth in six countries, traveled around the globe to share the HALO story, have given countless hours creating art that has changed lives, and have created an efficient environment for HALO staff to thrive with…

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