HALO Welcomes the 2016 Ambassador Board!

This year’s Ambassador Board is comprised of a very driven and skilled group of young professionals. They volunteer their time and skills, coming together behind the scenes to create an efficient environment for HALO as a whole to thrive. This working board is organized into specific departments, which include Operations, Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Events,…


Uganda Learning Center SUPPLY DRIVE

Imagine you lived at a place, where your parents had to work all day long in hope to be able to afford meals for the next day. Imagine that was the environment you were born into. For many, Uganda is such a place. Every child needs a stable environment, which stimulates to learn and thrive….


#HumansOfHALO – Meet Aubony

Aubony Chalfant – HALO Center Facilitator  I believe in HALO youth because resiliency is built into them from an early age. So many of our youth have had to persevere through unimaginable things and still maintain their hope and optimistic outlook on life, I always think, how could they not succeed at anything thrown at them? What’s…

Self Decipline

February Life Skill of the Month – Self Discipline

Road to Rio: Vera Schmitz from Megan Cody on Vimeo.   Elite US pole vaulter, 2012 Olympic Trials competitor and 3 time NCAA All-American, Vera (Neuenswander) Schmitz kicked off the monthly HALO staff meeting by sharing her ideas on “Self Discipline”. Vera gave insides in her life as a professional athlete and told us how a positive mindset is…

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