12 Days of Giving


If you are looking for a way to redefine the giving spirit this holiday season, get some inspiration with our 12 Days of Giving.

Day 1: Give the gift of healing. $25 gives medical care to a HALO child for one year
Day 2: Give the gift of holiday dresses. $20 provides a girl in our HALO India Home two brand new, custom sewn, Indian dresses.
Day 3:Give the gift of celebration. $100 funds holiday and birthday parties for a HALO Home for a year.
Day 4: Give the gift of art supplies and help a child color their dreams. $14 supplies a child with art supplies for a year.
Day 5: Give the gift of music. $150 provides music instruments for a HALO Home.
Day 6: Give the gift of education. $40 sends a child to school for one month.
Day 7: Give the gift of confidence by providing funds for new clothing for Kansas City and Jefferson City kids in need.
Day 8: Give the gift of comfort. $148 provides bedding for a HALO Home of 20 children.
Day 9: Give the gift of imagination. $188 provides books for a HALO Home library.
Day 10: Give the gift of electricity. $62 helps us keep the lights on in a HALO Home for one month.
Day 11: Give the gift of technology. $200 provides a laptop for children to complete their schoolwork.
Day 12: Give the gift of security. Help us fulfill our most urgent needs. This can range from medical expenses to diapers for babies.

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