1st Annual HALO I Defy the Odds Inspiration Breakfast Recap


On Thursday, September 21, HALO hosted its 1st Annual I Defy the Odds Inspiration Breakfast at the Grand Street Cafe in Kansas City. HALO Chief Giving Officer Sally Sallee welcomed guests and shared this impactful video:

After the video presentation, Sally introduced HALO Founder Rebecca Welsh who delivered a speech on HALO’s mission and the importance of kids rising out of their early life situations and defying the odds.

“[When we tell a child] that she’s valued, that she’s an absolute treasure, and then finally she believes it, that’s when we see the best of this world. That’s the magic of love…she [then] slowly becomes a force that can and will defy the odds.”

She shared stories of HALO Youth like Kennedy, Alice, Frankie and Noah. Rebecca then introduced HALO youth Marjai who discussed her struggle and how she came to defy the odds.

“I want to embrace my art because [HALO] embraced my art and myself so I can truly stand in front of you today and say I defy the odds,” Marjai said at the podium.

After that, HALO youth Amy took to the stage and shared how she completely turned her life around when she found out she was pregnant.

Thank you Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City as our sponsor. We want to extend a special thanks to Ambitious Pixels, Nuance, Image 360, Kenny Johnson Photography, Lee, Bellisma by Silvia, Abby Eckert Hair and Moroccanoil. We also want to thank everyone who contributed at the event. Breakfast was provided by the Grand Street Cafe. Below is the Facebook live video and a few photos from the event. To view more check out our album on Facebook.

This Breakfast was a celebration of what can happen when we dedicate the love and resources toward what we know our kids can achieve. But our fight is not over, we need your help to ensure one more child spends one less day alone. To join our movement, contact Sally Sallee at [email protected].