2014 ArtReach Art Auction Artist Spotlight: Mark from HALO’s Makerere Home

Mark from HALO’s Makerere Home 

Art therapy is a very important learning activity for the youth at the HALO homes. The HALO Foundation’s international ambassadors and teachers in the homes use art therapy daily to help the youth express themselves and discover their passions. You will have the opportunity to see the importance of art therapy for HALO youth and how it promotes their creativity and independence at the 9th Annual HALO ArtReach Auction. This event will include artwork from many of the HALO youth, including our HALO artist featured today. 

This young man in particular has grown into a fantastic artist, passionate about his art as well as his future. His name is Mark, and he lives in the Makerere home in Uganda. Prior to coming to HALO, Mark’s parents both passed away, and he (along with his 13 brothers and sisters) was forced to take care of himself at a young age. For Mark, everyday was a struggle to meet his basic needs.

In 2009, Mark came to the Makerere home, and it was then that everything changed for him. He started to experience fulfillment above meeting just his basic needs. Through many hardships, Mark was able to find enjoyment in life through compassion, learning and exploring his new found love for the arts.

In this image, Mark depicts the villages in Uganda. Mark, as well as many of the youth, depict scenes similar to this in their artwork because it is a large part of the culture and shows where he and many other children grew up. Mark enjoys using colored pencils because they allow him the most freedom to sketch quickly and smoothly, as seen in his art.

Mark’s ambitious personality is amazing, considering the adversity he’s experienced. Today, he has plans of becoming a civil engineer, although will always enjoy art as a hobby. He is well on his way to fulfilling his passions and achieving his dreams and HALO couldn’t be happier.

If you’re interested in seeing this piece for yourself (or taking it home), join us at our 9th Annual ArtReach Auction. This event, which features art by HALO youth and local and regional artists, will take place February 28 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, making it the biggest ArtReach Auction so far. Come join us and see why art therapy is so important to the HALO youth!