2014 Fashion Show Highlight: Paul Mitchell Cosmetology Workshop

Paul Mitchell instructors begin the Cosmetology Workshop by showing pictures of different makeup designs. This week’s workshop is about makeup application and techniques, but the HALO Center youth have also learned about updos, hair art, using hair tools and much more. The workshop is part of a series of programming preparing youth for the upcoming Independent Swag Fashion Show.


IMG_4889Before the HALO youth begin learning about cosmetology techniques, they have a lesson about inner beauty. This first week of the workshop the girls learn about how to change negative feelings about their image into positive feelings. The entire workshop puts a huge focus on inner beauty and loving yourself, even while the youth are learning about beauty techniques.


Kayla, a Paul Mitchell school graduate who volunteers at the Cosmetology Workshop, says, “I like connecting with the girls and seeing their face when something clicks. I also like sharing my passion with them.”


One HALO youth says she feels better about herself and has more self confidence after attending the workshop for a couple of weeks. It is clear that the HALO youth participating in this workshop thoroughly enjoy learning the art of cosmetology and that the programming is giving them skills to go out and conquer the world.


IMG_4887Paul Mitchell admissions and design team leader, Steven Franklin says, “A very important part of this workshop is helping the kids see that cosmetology is an art, but can also be a career option. That they can take something they love and turn it into a career.” At the end of the workshop, each HALO youth is given information about how to attend Paul Mitchell The School so that they might be able to turn a passion into a career.


To find out more about HALO Center programming or the Independent Swag Fashion Show, visit https://haloworldwide.org/kansas-city/