2020 Virtual Summer Showcase

On July 29, 2020, HALO held its first Virtual Summer Showcase!

Hosted by the Kansas City Program Facilitator, Alayna Howard, this event celebrates and showcases the HALO youth artwork created after a Summer of developing their passions and talents in different Learning Center Summer programs. 

With the difficulties of COVID-19, HALO KC was able to utilize different spaces to accommodate the new safety precautions this Summer; some included moving the Art & Life Skill courses to the exterior of the Liberty Memorial, hosting a smaller sewing class with KC fashion designer Whitney Manney, practicing yoga outdoors, and having small amounts of youth in the Learning Center. 

Even with the drastic changes, HALO KC youth were able to create some amazing art pieces to show virtually.

This event included videos recapping Summer programs, a speech from Whitney Manney, individual HALO youth showcasing their artwork with a Q&A, and ending with an awards ceremony.


The virtual event's showcase stage

Awards received were as followed:

Shelzaray - HALO Powerful Creative for her skill in bravely creating such meaningful and powerful art.

Joslyn - HALO Matisse for thinking outside the box to create something beautiful.

Nylah - HALO Messy Painter for immersing yourself fully into your artwork by becoming part of it.

Tia-Cymone - HALO Distinguished Poet for creating moving poetry and having the courage to share it.

Carl Jr. - HALO Rising Star for patiently following in your sisters' footsteps as part of our HALO family.

C'Ashia - HALO Vision Award for embodying the HALO life skills of respect, integrity, and perseverance.

C'Ashinae - HALO Artistic Sight for her many years of HALO artistry, and for having the courage to follow her dreams.

To see the 2019 Summer Showcase, click here.

Below are a few of the featured pieces showcased in the virtual event.

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