4 Ways to Focus Like a Pro, from VML Director of Social Media

Do you ever find yourself struggling to focus and get things done, especially when deadlines are looming, and you don’t know where to start? Like many life skills, learning to focus is not something that comes naturally for many of us. It is a skill that must be practiced and refined, even for executives who work in the fast-paced world of advertising. Chad Martin, the director of social + emerging media at VML, a Kansas City-based ad agency, passed on his tips for focusing:

  1. “Look where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go (or you’ll start to go there),” said Martin. He applies this to his work life as well as in a literal sense when he’s mountain biking on narrow cliffs. Staying focused on the end goal keeps you on that path, while focusing on set-backs pulls you toward failure.
  2. Zero in on the small things.  Martin uses the example of a basketball hoop: If you want the ball go in the hoop – focus on the hoop –  not the court or crowd. Keep the big picture in the background, but focus on a specific point.
  3. Envision a target. What’s your center goal and what lesser tasks go in the outside rings? This can help you let go of small details that aren’t important to the end goal.
  4. Keep a positive attitude. Quoting Buddha, “We are what we think,” Martin said it’s important to stay positive despite set-backs.

We love these tips from Martin! At HALO, our goal is to keep one more child from spending one more day alone, and learning to focus our energy will help us reach that goal. Be sure to check out our life skill blog each month for great tips from professionals!