HALO Kansas City: Life Skill of the Month – Time Management

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The HALO Learning Center youth are practicing our April Monthly life skill, Time-Management! In one of our weekly art and life skill workshops, youth ages 6-10 years old practiced managing their time with a multi-step art project using animal silhouettes. First, youth got to watercolor a background of their choice, keeping in mind that this would be the setting for their animal. Next, youth cut out or traced animal silhouettes and glued them on their watercolor backgrounds to complete the scene.

Because there were so many steps to this project (plus share time at the end!) the youth had to watch the clock and manage their time wisely to complete their project before share time. The end result was a beautiful, colorful work of art! Check out these great photos of the finished products!

Want to volunteer or donate art supplies to the HALO Learning Center workshops? E-mail HALO Center Facilitator, Aubony Chalfant, at [email protected] for more information on how you can provide for youth in the greatest need.