HALO Holiday 2020

For our HALO kids, the holidays have usually been associated with pain and frustration. We hope that by creating fun holiday traditions, our youth have a positive experience during the holidays and the opportunity to pass down these traditions to their children one day. This holiday season, we were able to create some great memories thanks to you.

Here are some of our new traditions.

We wanted to be sure that our kids had a warm meal for Thanksgiving even if we couldn't all be in the same room this year. Thanks to our amazing volunteers of the month, the Kansas City Advocate Board, Sweet Smoke BBQ, and Hy-Vee, we were able to make sure all our kids got a warm meal and know just how loved they are. 

We hope that creating small happy moments like decorating sugar cookies together will show them that the holiday season can be filled with love. Our learning centers also held several other holiday activities, like decorating cards, doing a scavenger hunt, and gingerbread decorating.
Seeing our HALO Home kids gathered in a room, safe, and loved makes our hearts so full. Thank you for everyone that helped make this holiday season so special.

 This season, the youth at the Jefferson City Girls Home got into the holiday spirit by doing different activities each night. One of the weeks, they made Oreo Snowman Cookies and turned paper bags into snowflakes.
Thank you for supporting our HALO youth this year and giving them the chance to be kids. Without you, it wouldn't feel like the holidays or home. 
Special thanks to our Advocate Board, HyVee, Libby Farmer, Rivus Energy Consulting, Brittany English, Whitney Summers, Kelli Waters, Jenna Flanery, Amanda Mertel, Heather Coday, Shelly English, Gary English, Mandy Frey, Vera Schmitz, Carmen Gramajo-Moser, Christi Mynatt, Apex, Joe Sacco with Grand Slam KC, Capital City Christian Church, and Meraki Hair Salon. 
If you would like to help our youth start new traditions, click here.