A Long Time Coming

This morning was beautiful. I had forgotten how it felt to sleep with the windows open. The weather is perfect. Warm & sunny with a nice cool breeze. I woke up forgetting I had fallen asleep in summer. I love hearing all the different bird noises in Nica, none of them I can identify. I am so happy that today is the day I get to travel to the orphanage- about an hour outside of Managua and in the middle of nowhere. I will be staying there the rest of the week. I enjoyed every moment of the drive to the orphanage and in such anticipation. Nicaragua is so beautiful. If you landed here in the middle of the countryside, you would think you landed in a tropical paradise. Until, of course, you saw how a majority of the people here live- in extreme poverty. Next to Haiti, Nicaragua is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

When we got to the orphanage, most of the older kids were still in school as it was still before noon. The little guys were still there in the preschool class though so we walked in the class just to say hi. Immediately I recognized several of the kids. I was so excited to see them doing well! Most of the little pre-schoolers were babies when I last saw them but it didn’t take long for them to latch on all over again. So happy right now . . .

When the older kids got back from school, I got to see several more of the kids who I had gotten close to before. It made me so happy to see these amazing kids and to know that they remembered me, too. I spent the day catching up with them, making up for lost time. Playing on the playground, hugging, running, spinning.

I have also gotten to know the new English teacher here. Her name is Sylvia, and she is very sweet. I brought a lot of supplies for her to use in the classroom, to assist her with her English lessons, ect. She was very grateful to have it.

I am completely worn out but can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow.