A Very HALO Halloween

HALO works hard to allow HALO kids to just be kids!

As the leaves start to change and the holiday season is slowly approaching, many youth don't have family traditions that they can rely on year after year. But at HALO, youth are able to experience all the fun family moments that they will cherish for years to come.

Abstract art by youth in Kansas City Learning Center

Fall globes by youth in Jefferson City Girls Home

Jar art by youth in Jefferson City Girls Home

Halloween-themed and autumnal crafts are a great way for HALO Staff and Volunteers to connect with HALO Youth through a hands-on activity. A HALO youth in the Kansas City Learning Center learned about the abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky and added their own spooky touch!

In the Jefferson City Girls Home, HALO Youth recycled mason jars by painting them and creating their own fall globes with glitter and leaves instead of snow!

Some residents in the HALO Girls Home and HALO Staff had a great time seeing the new Exorcist movie at the theaters, enjoying family-sized popcorn and sodas from the concession stand, along with a few jump scares during the movie!
Thanks to the Kansas City Advocate Board, who donated a variety of sizes and styles of costumes, HALO Youth in the Learning Center were able to pick out the perfect Halloween costume to go trick-or-treating in!

For the entire month of October, Girls in the HALO Home participated in a friendly competition where they painted small pumpkins. Every day, they and HALO Staff could vote for their favorite pumpkin, earning the winner a spooky prize!

Looking at every pumpkin, you can see various personalities creating a family in the Jefferson City Girls Home! Which pumpkin would you vote for?

HALO Youth in Kansas City decorated and filled goody bags with delicious candy and fun stickers in the HALO Learning Center. They also had fun decorating pumpkins with paint and glitter!

The best part of living at a HALO Home is the home-like feel. HALO Staff decorated the Girls Home with Halloween-themed decorations. From balloons to caution tape, HALO Youth will remember the feeling of trick-or-treating and living in a space that celebrates fun traditions together, like Halloween!
And, of course, HALO Youth carved pumpkins and roasted marshmallows together on a beautiful fall day! For some of the kids, it was the first time they'd ever carved a pumpkin.

With support from all over the world, HALO is able to provide HALO Youth with fond memories during a time that can be otherwise difficult. Starting at $5 a month, HALO Tribe members' ongoing gift provides ongoing love to the children who need it the most.

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