April Volunteers of The Month

Here at HALO, we have been blown away by the love and support shown by our volunteers during the COVID-19 crisis. The passion and kindness shown to our youth is inspiring. Every month, we get the honor of choosing volunteers of the month from both Kansas City and Jefferson City. This April, we want to recognize two very special women at HALO.

Kansas City 

Our Kansas City volunteer of the month is Bri Struemph. Bri has been leading virtual yoga with our kids. She has structured the entire practice around the principles of trauma informed care, consistently making a point to say that everything she suggests is their choice. She radiates kindness, understanding, passion, and joy for our youth. She ensures that they know that when they come to their yoga mat, the way that they engage with yoga is up to them, she is just their guide. She is relaxed and informative, using her training to give our very active kiddos a safe way to spend their time. We are so thankful for the positive impact that she has on our youth, especially during this pandemic.


Jefferson City 

Our Jefferson City volunteer of the month is Betty Sundermeyer. Betty is our Financial Operations Coordinator and has been with HALO for 12 years. She does so much for HALO behind the scenes to make sure that things run smoothly and all of our kids get the essential services they need. This month, she has switched gears from operations and has been volunteering by making masks for our residents, staff and the Jefferson City community. We are so thankful for her constant support.

We are so grateful, not only for Bri and Betty, but for every volunteer that is a member of the HALO family. We could not fulfill our mission without our volunteers. We are so appreciative of the positive impact they have on our youth.

Interested in volunteering for the HALO? Click here for more information on how to volunteer in either Kansas City or Jefferson City.