April Volunteers of the Month

HALO is so thankful for the efforts of every single one of our volunteers. We are inspired by their love, passion, and willingness to serve. Every month, we get the honor of choosing volunteers from both Kansas City and Jefferson City to recognize as our volunteers of the month. Read more about them and the impact that they make on HALO below.

Kansas City: Natalie Hawkins was a HALO volunteer in the past, and recently reached out again to start up a new program for KC youth: Music Therapy! Natalie is a board-certified music therapist who chose to use her skills and time to benefit HALO youth. Through various musical activities and discussions, Natalie guides the youth through activities that facilitate emotional expression and recognition, peer interaction, leadership practice, decreasing aggression, safe means of expression, and teaching and practicing coping skills. We are so thankful to Natalie for helping us to teach these life skills to youth in the community in such a creative way.

Jefferson City: Lisa Washburn was the first person to jump back into the HALO Jefferson City Home once it was open to volunteers and has already made a huge impact. Lisa's humor and energy are contagious, she is quick to help with any project and makes everything she touches look beautiful!

Interested in volunteering for the youth in your community? Click here for more information on how to volunteer in either Kansas City or Jefferson City.