April’s Life Skill: Time Management


Every month at HALO, we have a highlighted skill that we focus on that teaches HALO youth how to be successful in life. April's life skill is time management. This skill helps HALO youth prioritize things they need and want to do throughout the day. Some of the workshops held for our youth this month included group discussions, speakers, and hands-on projects.

These workshops start a discussion about steps each kid could take to improve themselves and achieve their goals in a timely manner. By holding yourself accountable and planning things that need to be done, you can accomplish more things and continuously prepare for the next steps in life.

One project our youth worked on this month was creating a time clock to plan each day accordingly. This project allows them to see their day-to-day before it begins and schedule time for everything they have planned.

Another project that HALO youth participated in was creating a daily schedule and to-do list for every hour during the day. This project was followed by a discussion of what to do in their free time and steps that they can take to reach their goals further utilizing that time.

HALO focuses on personal growth year-round. Skills such as time management allow HALO youth to prosper in their lives and take these skills beyond HALO.
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