#ArtDoesGood Social Media and Email Samples

Personalizing your message goes a long way, but if you need some help getting started, we have included some sample captions. We have also included images you can download and use on social media. Throughout the campaign, please post photos or videos of your creations. Use your platform to share the campaign using #artdoesgood and tagging HALO.

Note: The sample copy can be used directly or as a general template. Feel free to elaborate, change, or create very individualized posts.

Sample Social Media Captions and Sample Emails

Sample Social Media Images

Select the image you would like to use, save the image to your device and then upload it to social media.

Start your individual or team support page at haloworldwide.org/artdoesgood, then start making art!
Share your creative inspiration and inspire others to join the fun and donate to your page.
Help HALO reach its end-of-year fundraising goal and see how your creative contributions help provide homeless children with safety, support, and a path to future success.