Autumn at HALO

When you think back on Autumn memories of your childhood, you probably start to feel nostalgic thinking about carving pumpkins with your family or enjoying a s'more fresh off the stick. When our HALO kids think of Autumn, the memories are often far less picturesque. Most of our kids don't know how special holiday moments and traditions can be. We work hard to change that.

In the HALO Jefferson City Home, our kids have the option to participate in activities each evening to foster community and memorable moments. In October, those activities are even more fun because we get to celebrate all things pumpkin and spooky. We like to make sure that the holiday activities we choose are fun and straightforward; that way, our kids can easily recreate them as seasonal traditions after leaving the HALO home.

Similarly, at our Kansas City Learning Center, we use the fall months to add a spooky little flair to our programs, so they are extra exciting.

A fast favorite this month was Jack-O-Lantern Floats. Girls drew their version of a Jack-O-Lantern on the outside and filled the cup with orange soda and vanilla ice cream.

The kids in our Jefferson City Girls Home had the opportunity to compete against one another in a "Spooky Door Decorating Contest." They made their doors extra special, and the winner won bragging rights and a gift card.

We love giving our kids the chance to make their space their own. This helps promote ownership and reminds them that HALO isn't just a place to live; it is their home.

Art is an essential part of everything that happens at HALO, including holiday activities. Our kids created some pretty spectacular pumpkins and repurposed jars into cute Halloween decorations. They requested a chance to make their costumes and constructed cute, simple animal ears to wear to all their Halloween festivities.

In our Kansas City Learning Center, our kids used simple pieces of construction paper to make adorable fall pumpkins. We love that kids can all have the same materials but still manage to create art as unique and special as they are.

Art means far more than crafts at HALO; creativity is a part of our everyday activities. Our Learning Center kids used a cookie decorating kit to create a spooky, delicious masterpiece.

Our Jefferson City kids had a chance to visit the local pumpkin patch, where they went on a hayride, took some fantastic fall photos, and chose pumpkins to bring home. We love experiencing things like hayrides with our kids because it is a brand new adventure for many of them.

No season would be complete without some extra special snacks. Our Jefferson City girls made chocolate-dipped strawberry ghosts and caramel apple nachos. Both were a big hit and enjoyed by our kids, and a few volunteers too!

Our kids have also had the opportunity to enjoy some exceptional snacks donated by HALO volunteers this season. We love that our volunteers are constantly working to make things memorable for our HALO youth!

If you want to be a part of making sweet seasonal memories with our HALO kids, you can sign up today to become a HALO volunteer by clicking the button below. Please help us make sure that our kids learn how beautiful new seasons can be.