Back to School for HALO Kids

When summer ends, school starts!

The change in routine from "summer mode" to "school mode" is challenging for everyone.

At HALO, we try to provide every HALO kid with the best start to the school year!

One of the ways we set them up for success is with backpacks and new school supplies.

Our community members in Jefferson City, MO, and Kansas City, MO, stepped up to stock our HALO pantries with brand-new school supplies for any HALO youth in need! From markers to socks, HALO kids are about to start this school year without the nervousness of "I don't have a pencil" or "I can't pack a lunch." HALO helps take them out of crisis mode so that homeless and at-risk youth can just be kids!
The Uganda Learning Center takes time during the summer to have HALO kids make books for the school year, bringing the community together and preparing youth for their academics.
Ongoing support from HALO Tribe members allows us to pack bags and prepare youth for a successful school year. Starting at $5, you can join our Tribe, allowing kids to just be kids!
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