Birthday Party in NYC Benefits HALO

HUGE SHOUT-OUT to the Barker Family and their special guests from New York City. They hosted a group birthday party for 3 year old Addison, 5 year old Charlie and 7 year old Elle, raising funds and gathering supplies for HALO. What a clever idea to give back to the community! Special thanks to HALO NYC Advocate Leader Jaymie Jenks who helped more then 80 kids learn more about HALO. She collected cards and Dream Pack supplies for homeless youth, played Tic Tac HALO with the kids, who then earned HALO bracelets and necklaces for their participation. Check out the pictures below and the birthday party video. Thank you for helping to provide housing, healing and education to youth in the greatest need.

If interested in hosting a fundraiser for HALO, please contact [email protected].


barker birthday party 1

barker birthday party 2

barker birthday party 3

barker birthday party 4