Bracelets Made With Love

Compassionate children and teens all over have been hard at work making friendship bracelets for kids who need it the most. 

When a child comes to HALO, they are saying that they are alone in this world. It's scary to feel alone, especially in a new place with new people, which is why ClubHALO members are spreading love and friendship through these handmade bracelets that are given to a youth when they come to HALO for the first time!

Check out these amazing groups of young people who have shown up for HALO kids with this creative and impactful project.
St. Martin Catholic School (Jefferson City, MO)

A group of compassionate students from St. Martin Catholic School visited the HALO Girls Home and worked together to make friendship bracelets for future HALO youth that would be moving into HALO, as a reminder that they are loved!

All Pro Dad (grain Valley, MO)

Stony Point Elementary's All Pro Dad Chapter is dedicated to strengthening relationships with their kids. In April, their meeting focused on doing a service project for the community together. These compassionate father figures worked alongside their children, making friendship bracelets for HALO youth that will be moving into the new Kansas City HALO Homes in the near future.

Z-Club (jefferson city, MO)

The Z-Club in Jefferson City provides high school youth with leadership and service skills. This amazing group created friendship bracelets for HALO youth. Small acts of service make the biggest smiles at HALO. Each bracelet is put into a welcome basket for HALO youth around the world. Empowering kids to help other kids is what ClubHALO is all about. The Z-Club made these bracelets in all different colors and sizes and wrote HALO youth uplifting messages with the bracelets.

Turner Middle School (Kansas City, KS)

Middle school students from Ms. Male's Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) class made friendship bracelets with positive messages such as "I hope this makes your day just a little better" and "You are loved."

Learn more about HALO needs and how you and the youth in your life can give back to HALO children around the world here!

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