Charged for just one more

During our most recent future-focused trip to Africa, we visited 8 orphanages and programs. It was invigorating to see our Ambassadors at work, implementing ideas to give our youth a true chance at a brighter future. Here’s a little peek into the homes we visited.

Samson, Naibor Kenya

By evaluating each child on a case-by-case basis, identifying tangible education/career goals, and helping our youth view life beyond the orphanage as a positive place, we are able to help them become contributing members of their communities. Our Ambassadors are committed to helping each child reach their full potential.

Miriam, Naibor Kenya

The boys of the Timau Home
Thanks to our HALO Heroes, our scholarships have given hope to the children we support. HALO kids are now able to reach their dreams beyond the home by going to vocational school or college.
Alice, Uganda
Bukesa, Uganda

HALO Ambassador Dani Walker with Girls Home Mentors in Uganda
Josh Fry, Halo Volunteer and Eunice in Kenya

Every time I go, I come back saying the same things. 1)  Words cannot express how grateful the children are for our support. 2) I am incredibly charged to work toward a goal of bringing in one more child from the street… and another… and another. If we put ourselves in the shoes of a child on the street, we have profound drive to work on their behalf. This drive is what keeps HALO going and growing.