ClubHALO is an achievement program that empowers kids to help other kids.

Together, we'll discover how empowering kids to help other kids can have a lasting impact on communities and the world around them.
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By joining ClubHALO, you can:

  • Help end childhood homelessness and spread the word about HALO.
  • Follow an activity road map to learn how to make a difference.
  • Achieve awards at your own pace.
ClubHALO gives hope to kids who need help. Join ClubHALO today!

ClubHALO is a place for young people (18 and under) to put their compassion into action. Through this community, ClubHALO members work together to change lives of homeless youth around the world.

ClubHALO contains a wide variety of activities and challenges, all stemming from HALO's main pillars: housing, healing, and education. From art workshops to collecting loose change to feed HALO kids to learning about the programs at HALO, ClubHALO members can redeem points earned to go right back to HALO kids.

Join Sophie Grace (ClubHALO Ambassador), Rebecca Welsh (HALO Founder), and other ClubHALO members in LIVE meetings every 3 months.

Don't worry - if you miss any meetings, you can find the recordings below!

Only ClubHALO members have access to join the live meetings, so make sure you sign in or sign up for ClubHALO to access the Zoom meeting.

Click on the dates below and join us at 6:00pm CST for every meeting!


Do you have kids or teens looking for an opportunity to make a difference?

The Baraka HALO Home needs the compassion of young people to help raise $500 to repair their kitchen!

Create any type of jewelry

Sell creations to friends, family members, & neighbors

Donate the proceeds to help HALO youth in Kenya have a working and efficient kitchen

Join ClubHALO to receive points, rewards and badges from participating in the Kitchen for Kenya challenge.

Do you have a group of kids that would be interested in creating their very own ClubHALO Chapter?


ClubHALO Chapters are a great way to build a community within this digital community. A ClubHALO Chapter is an opportunity for young people to bond together over the same mission: to end youth homelessness.

Start a ClubHALO Chapter

HALO provides ClubHALO members with education, activities and achievable awards to make a positive impact for children facing homelessness.

We are looking for long term partners to sponsor ClubHALO and/or to provide rewards to kids as they complete their challenges.


Please contact [email protected] to learn more on how your company can help and be a part of ending childhood homelessness.