ClubHALO in 2023

Compassionate kids and teens from all over the world took action in 2023 by helping kids their age experiencing homelessness.

ClubHALO Service Nights

Groups of kids gathered for service nights throughout 2023, gaining friends in their area while making a difference in the lives of homeless and at-risk children all over the world. These free service nights are perfect for families to learn about HALO and inspire their children to give back to their community.

The Impact Online

About 100 kids from all over the world, from Scotland to Kansas, joined to learn about youth homelessness, meet new friends digitally, create impactful art projects, and support HALO youth along the way! By completing over 300 challenges, ClubHALO members earned points to redeem prizes, such as soccer balls for HALO kids in Africa and holiday presents for HALO youth who live in a HALO Home.

Kitchen for Kenya

At the start of the year, ClubHALO learned that the HALO Home in Kenya needed help repairing their kitchen. To raise funds, ClubHALO members made jewelry and sold the jewelry to friends, family members, and even at the HALO Art Auctions. With a goal of $500, ClubHALO members raised $560, showing the world how powerful young people are.


At HALO, we believe that art heals, transforms lives, and gives children a safe outlet for self-expression when they don't have a voice. ClubHALO members participated in #ArtDoesGood, an online fundraising campaign, to raise money to sponsor HALO youth to have a safe place to call home at a HALO Learning Center. Kids and their families used their creativity to make something beautiful happen, raising $3,415, providing 17 HALO kids with a year's worth of resources at a HALO Learning Center.

Mosquito Nets

Thanks to a generous sponsor, ClubHALO members could redeem their points for insecticide-treated nets to protect HALO kids in Africa from malaria. Within just a few months, ClubHALO members were able to purchase ten mosquito nets so that kids in our HALO Homes can go to sleep at night and not worry about this life-threatening disease.

Change That Counts

When HALO breaks the costs down, one quarter provides a warm meal for a HALO child in need. The HALO Change That Counts box was created as an easy way for families and kids to make a huge impact simply by gathering spare change. ClubHALO members raised money to provide over 220 meals for HALO kids in 2023.

ClubHALO Chapters

We can do more when we work together, which is exactly what ClubHALO Chapters did during 2023. Whether at a HALO location during ClubHALO Service Night or spending a week with HALO Staff, compassionate groups of kids came together to help HALO kids.

Be a part of the solution in 2024 to ending childhood homelessness and get a kid or teen in your life involved at ClubHALO!

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