Congrats 2024 Graduates


This year, we were so excited to celebrate five high school graduates. These students have persevered through challenging classes while balancing their personal life.

HALO volunteers, donors, and supporters work together to teach HALO youth the importance of education and the impact it will have on their futures.

We all remember our graduation and the feeling of accomplishment we shared with our friends and family. Thanks to the HALO family, our kids get to celebrate that joy. Every volunteer and every donation has created a system of support and love for these kids. It's a true honor to watch HALO youth succeed and beam with pride as we show up for the little things that matter the most.

Through their daily efforts of tutoring and study hours, every hour put in is a step closer to graduating high school. After graduation, our youth are set up for success through our emphasis on teaching life skills, which helps them jump straight into the workforce.

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported our graduates through challenging classes, study sessions, extracurriculars, and every other moment that shaped them into the successful people they are. Congrats to the Class of 2024; we are proud of your accomplishments!

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