Meet Sharifa #HumansofHALO


Sharifa Nansamba has been living in the Mengo home supported by HALO since 2008. Her two parents separated while Sharifa was very little and she was not able to continue living with her mom. After their separation, her dad remarried and Sharifa’s new stepmom abused her and denied her the opportunity to attend school. She spent two years out of school before coming into the HALO supported Mengo Home. Once she joined Mengo, Sharifa enrolled in school and in 2009, finished her primary school education and went on to secondary school. She finished both her O’ and A’ level in 2015 and enrolled for a certificate in Fashion and Design through our HALO scholarship in 2016, graduating in 2017. She excelled in her field of designing and repairing clothing.

Now that Sharifa has graduated from vocational training, she is giving back to HALO. She is currently volunteering to teach the sewing and design class at the HALO Uganda Learning Center. She is using her knowledge and skill to educate younger HALO youth how to repair clothing, create new designs and build up their own tailoring business. Currently more than 20 youth are taking classes from Sharifa on fashion and design, and she is teaching them at least 2 – 3 days a week! She is happy to be serving under the same organization that gave her a second chance in her life.

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