COVID-19 Updates

During these uncertain times, HALO is still providing a stable environment for our HALO Youth. With precautions set in place, HALO has been able to continue to help youth in each of our locations. If you would like to help our HALO locations, click on the blue location titles.

  • 72 Programs facilitated since March, virtually and outdoors, to maintain consistency and support for youth during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Started HALO Haven, a daytime and evening program for kids to safely engage in their online classes, have a meal, wifi access, access to essential school & hygiene supplies, and receive individual help and resources. Runs Monday-Thursday 10 AM-7 PM, 5 kids at a time. Program aids in KC outreach and is bringing in new kids.
  • Hosted 5th annual Summer Showcase virtually!
  • HALO Center celebrated 10 years in operation in April 2020.
  • Daily Programs restructured into a 5-week curriculum, required by all residents. Runs Monday-Friday, 10 AM – 12 PM, with community outings every Friday for real-life application of the life skill learned.
  • New Resident Handbook and program structure rolled out on June 1st. The new structure guides youth through 7 stages of the program, beginning with an observation phase and concluding with the aftercare services phase up to a minimum of 1-year post-move out or graduation.
  • Facilitating in-home COVID testing and safety procedures to respond to the increased need for housing due to the pandemic.
  • HALO Alumni Board kicked off July 28th!
  • Currently housing six women, one toddler, and two babies in the home.
  • Doors officially open!
  • Program hours adjusted to 1:00 pm- 9:00 pm to assist with remote learning during the day.
  • Partnership Formed with Capital City High School, Jefferson City Academic Center, and Jefferson City High School to assist in the recruitment of at-risk students.
  • Developing programming for Prenger Center males.
  • Van secured through United Way grant to begin providing transportation to bridge the gap for youth receiving services
  • HALO has transitioned funding into the Simama Home, which is home to 20 children.
  • 14 children have been moved into the HALO Baraka home over the last quarter. HALO partner, Simama, was given special permission from the government to move them in during the pandemic. They are now thriving and have found new friends
  • Home visits to the 35 youth in the school sponsorship program have resumed, 17 youth visited so far, and reports from the visits are coming back positive.
  • All youth have remained healthy during the pandemic. Lungujja Girls Home is housing 14 girls and Kibuli Boys Home is housing 19 boys.
  • Funding sent in August to address dental issues of 12 youth living in the homes. All 12 on their way to happy and healthy smiles.
  • HALO staff has been facilitating in-home education opportunities to keep the youth sharp, as schools are not back in session until at least January.
  • HALO Learning Center youth in the Sewing program made and sold 232 masks, raising over $1,000 to help support the Center.
  • HALO Learning Center began the Business & Entrepreneurship program.
  • 135 youth in the HALO school sponsorship program.
  • Children have remained healthy during the pandemic, which has hit India very hard.
  • Establishing strong data reporting and bi-weekly meetings between HALO and Ashrivad staff.
  • Provided additional support to address community food needs and shortages caused by the pandemic.
  • Kids are in school at Lily of the Valley and are happy and healthy.
  • Building a relationship with new Lily of the Valley Orphanage Director, Rodolfo Fuentes Valdez.

Thank you for everyone’s help to make this possible!

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