I don’t want to go to jail

Every day we see youth who have been in such a sad place, they are not able to even think about what their goals might be.

I am not in that place. If you are reading this blog, most likely you are not in that place. The fact that we have so many resources at our fingertips everyday should bring a seriousness to the reality of our purpose and potential in life. Its a stark reality that our responsibility to live life to its fullest is a privilege. This is why each of us should take goal setting seriously, especially within HALO.
Watching one of our youth evolve to the place where they feel someone believes in them so much that it is ok to believe in themselves is the most rewarding thing about our job. Mere exposure to opportunity and words of encouragement sparks an openness to possibilities and dreams that inspire me to no end.
This week one of our youth in Jefferson City set the goal to turn his life around. He is 17 and his father is in prison. His goal is to not go down the same path. He finally believes in himself enough to set the goal of not being a thug and not going to jail.
Another young girl in Kansas City started believing in herself enough to set the goal of becoming the first in her entire family to graduate high school.This fascinating 2 minute clip is from the HALO Bukessa Home in Uganda about a young boy Musissi and his goal to become an electrician.
Imagine the odds these kids are working against. Everything in their lives to this point has told them they are not allowed to think about becoming someone. Their courage to believe and say, out load, that they are committed to their goals is incredibly humbling.
I thought long and hard about my personal goals for this year. I am still working on a few of them but my overall goal is to keep things simple and positive. Within HALO we have some very big goals, goals that we take seriously, goals that when we meet them, will impact lives. When I start to question if we will be able to meet our goals, I think of the odds our kids are working against and any question leaves my mind.Each of us owe it to ourselves, our communities, and to those who are in a sad place… We must set goals to reach our full potential because it is a privilege.
Author: Rebecca Welsh