I Defy the Odds Photoshoot

At last year’s HALO breakfast, Founder Rebecca Welsh said, "When we tell a child that she's valued, that she's an absolute treasure, and then finally she believes it, that's when we see the best of this world. That's the magic of love...she then slowly becomes a force that can and will defy the odds."

The healing power of HALO reaches far beyond providing food and water to at-risk youth. We provide the support of a family and love. The healing power of love was once again visible at our second “I Defy the Odds” photoshoot.

Many of our children have never had professional photos taken or had their hair and make-up done. Shelby Herrick Salon styled each of our kids before their photoshoot, and Kenny Johnson captured their true personality through photos.


The photoshoot gives our children a chance to feel empowered, confident and valued. Making them feel like superstars for the day allows them to see themselves as the strong, bold, resilient kids we see everyday.

This is why we do what we do. This is why we host the breakfast and put on the photoshoot. Because the homeless children and teens we work with don’t just exceed expectations, they defy the odds.

Experience this confidence first hand at our 2nd Annual Inspiration Breakfast. Hear stories that defy the odds and witness how love can change a life. Be a part of our movement. To purchase your tickets, click here.