Determining Intentions Make for Successful Time Management


HALO Founder Rebecca Welsh writes:

“Living with intention is a way of life for me that came about after I had a stroke 3 years ago. I realized at the age of 35 that I may not actually be on this earth forever. So my management of my time became my top priority.

Time management is not just about setting meetings and making everything fit perfectly in its slot in a beautiful planner. Its about being thoughtful – intentional – with every minute we have. This means that when we are talking to someone or doing something there is always an end goal. When we are spending time with another person we ask, “What is my intention here? Am I here to support my friend in a decision she is making? Am I here to help this person feel loved? What is my true intention?”

At HALO our intention for a conversation may be just to help a kid believe a little more in themselves, or to help them to start to build trust in us. We have intentions for our meetings that help us reach our goals which help us serve more children.

Here are a few examples of rephrasing thoughts. We move away from thinking “I’m gonna go spend time with Grandma because that is what I should do.” to “I am going to go make sure Grandma feels loved today.” Or approaching a meeting, instead of “We are going to touch base on things”, we think “We are going to walk away with 3 solutions to this problem.”

Anyone can fill a calendar. It’s the how we treasure the time in those little slots, what our true intentions are for every one, that’s how we become great time managers.”

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