Dream Spaces Come Alive


HALO provides housing, healing, and education to children in the greatest need, but not without the help of our beloved HALO Family. We are lucky to partner with so many incredible volunteers, organizations, companies and donors who bring life to our mission. One of our amazing partners, STEAM Studio hosted an incredible project for our summer programming.

The theme centered around creating your dream space. This space could be a home, a bedroom, an outdoor space, or even a business. Dr. Mandi Sonnenberg, founder and educator at STEAM Studio, led groups of HALO youth through a three part creative process: to challenge, interpret, and create. For three hours, between munching on free bagels and pizza, our youth were able to think about the depth of their space, what they needed and or wanted in their space, and then the colors, textures, and materials that would create their space.

A youth volunteer, George, walked our youth through the program Google Sketchup. This allowed them to bring their ideas from rough draft sketches and transform them into real life 3-D models via computers.

Our youth dreamed about not only what their space would embody physically, but also what their dream space would embody emotionally. Each project was represented by a brief description of what their space meant to them and what they wanted their space to feel like.

One HALO youth wrote “I want people to feel calm, safe, and amazed in my dream home. There will be no loud music, the smell of cinnamon, and lots of windows.”

Another wrote simply, “I want to feel happy and safe in my dream home.”

It was beautiful to see these dreams come to life through these projects. Many of the youth created presentation boards with intricate details of their design methods, and some even created 3-D models with cardboard boxes and other materials. Special thanks to Gould Evans who provided many of the supplies used in this project.

For a greater inside look at what dream spaces look like for our HALO youth, please join us at our Summer Showcase July 27th from 6-8pm at ArtsKC. These projects will be on display alongside other awesome art projects created throughout this summer.

Thanks again STEAM Studio, Gould Evans, and our volunteers for facilitating such a memorable, creative project for our youth. We are lucky to have you in the HALO family.