Equality with Rebecca Welsh


“I believe our most important job as humans is to truly love others as we would love ourselves. Now if we really think about that, that is a lot to ask these days. We live in a society that centers around self, based on the number of likes we get for ourselves, constantly concerned about self and self happiness. In this world, the only thing that would help us recover from the self obsessed society is empathy.”

HALO Founder Rebecca Welsh delivered a speech on equality at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art as part of a seminar series by CreativeMornings this month. CreativeMornings is a free monthly breakfast lecture series that focuses on a different topic at each series. If you missed Rebecca’s captivating speech, you can watch a recording of the session here. Please tune in to hear more about the roots of HALO and how we can all foster the attribute of empathy in order to achieve equality in our world. Help us help one more child from spending one more day alone. Help us move toward equality.