Family Night Fun

Family Night is an important part of the HALO Jefferson City Girls Home. Family Night happens each week, on Thursday evening, for 2 hours. During that time all the residents of the HALO home spend time together. They enjoy a warm meal donated through Meal Train by our HALO Volunteers and do an activity together as a HALO family. It isn't unusual for a past HALO resident to join in on Thursday Family Night long after leaving the program. They enjoy the distraction-free time and thoughtful activities prepared by HALO Staff.

The activities on family night vary from week to week. Often we invite a guest speaker to teach our HALO kids valuable life skills like budgeting, organization, or meal prep. If no guest speaker is scheduled, our HALO Staff teach a lesson to encourage and empower our kids. A few Thursdays ago, the HALO ladies learned about the importance of self-care and making time to help themselves feel your best. They did face masks and HALO Staff treated them to manicures.

Most Family Nights, HALO youth are encouraged to participate in an art activity. These art projects give our HALO kids an outlet for feelings they might not usually have a way to express. A HALO Staff member or volunteer leads these projects with an inspiration piece, something to encourage creativity, and then we let our kids create as they wish.

A couple of weeks ago, the HALO girls made self-control wheels to focus on the things in their control rather than the things outside of their control to avoid negative feelings and feeling powerless. Last week, they talked about doing good things for others and how kind acts have been proven scientifically to help your mental health by releasing endorphins.

No matter the activity, we are impressed and awed each week by our kids' talented people. We get to see bits of their stories, and their bravery through artistic expression and mindful thoughts. We are constantly so proud to know them and thankful to have Family Night to share with them.

You can help make sure HALO kids have a chance to enjoy Family Night by providing a meal through our Meal Train. Full bellies allow room for open minds. Sign up today at: