Family Nights in the Girls Home

Why are Wednesdays special for HALO youth in the Jefferson City Girls Home? It's Family Night!

HALO believes that every child should have the foundation of a family. One that provides guidance, love, and a place to call home. Because home is where a family lives, and that is why Family Night is so important to show HALO youth why they deserve to feel loved!

Family Night activities bring joy and laughter with spending time with HALO Staff and other residents in the Home. Sitting around and playing board games, like Apples to Apples, brings a sense of normality to the craziness of any week. Art projects allow HALO youth to make something beautiful that they are proud of, like flower pots for succulents they can take care of! From mundane tasks to memorable activities like taste testing a variety of hot sauces, the girls in the HALO Home bond with one another and the staff just like a family!

HALO girls & staff playing Apples to Apples

HALO girls painting flower pots

HALO youth's succulent in new pot

HALO youth & staff making dinner

HALO girls "making" dinner too!

You can join the HALO family and be a part of the love and laughter every Wednesday night at the Jefferson City Girls Home!

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