HALO began with a group of local youth who wanted to make a difference…and did. They raised $5,000, and then $40,000 at martial arts fundraisers in consecutive years, to support orphaned youth in need all over the world. Schools and groups from across the United States plan events such as races, change jar collections, bake sales, and art supply drives. Whether you raise $10 or $10,000, every dollar makes a difference in the life of child who needs it. Raising money is just one way you can help. Talking to others, including friends and family, helps raise awareness and support for HALO youth. Other goods and services donated can make a big difference as well. The possibilities are endless. All it takes is you!


 HALO_Change_logo_MDChange for the World

Change for the World was started to give youth, based in the United States, the tools to help and learn about others, globally. Think of the things you like to do and ways you could raise money with your talents.  Kansas City youth, Spencer Castle, then 6 years old, raised more than $600 at a hot chocolate stand.  That is enough money to build a mud hut for children in Kenya.  Jimmy Sackuvich coordinated a box-car race that brought in more than $1,000 to help HALO youth.  You can make a difference by raising Change for the World — from coordinating a talent show or a dance-a-thon to mowing lawns or helping a neighbor clean his garage to simply asking for donations from friends and family.  No matter what you choose as a fundraiser, the world will be enriched because of you.



Dance For Change

Dance for Change Fundraiser

Host your own Dance For Change! This is a dance-a-thon fundraiser that encourages youth to help kids. Watch a recent Dance For Change event to learn more. Children living in HALO-supported orphanages have fun-loving spirits. These children give a warm greeting to anyone who visits by giving a dance performance. HALO offers an unforgettable evening showcasing videos from the orphanages around the world while Local participants dance to raise money benefitting these children. It is a celebration of change in the orphans’ lives. Change for the better. Teams raise funds to provide food, water, shelter, clothing, education, art therapy, and caretakers for the children. They celebrate team efforts during a fun-filled evening of dancing. Let the dance challenge begin! For more information, call (816) 472-4256 or email nicolegerken@haloworldwide.org. To get started today or to learn more, download the following materials:

Program Brochure     Sponsorship Form     Release Waiver     Event Agreement



Club_HALO_LogoGet Started

Get started by emailing halo@haloworldwide.org. Soon you and your friends will be on your way to raising Change for the World! Request more information on how you can start your project at your school and become a Champion for the World today!




Henry on the Radio

Listen to six-year-old Henry from Jefferson City on the radio, as he talks about how his school, Cedar Hill Elementary, is helping the girls living in the HALO Uganda Mengo Home go to school too. Click here to listen.

Youth Group Makes a Huge Impact

Pilgrim Fellowship Youth Group in Connecticut does a Dance for Change to provide education for 21 boys at the Makarere Home. They have Skyped with the boys and danced all night to raise more than $12,000 for them!

Bake Sale Provides Basic Needs

Pembroke Hill Elementary in Kansas City, Mo. raises $1,200 for children in need. Their baked goods and homemade jewelry provided basic needs for HALO children around the world. Thank you, Pembroke Hill!