February Volunteers of the Month

HALO runs smoothly thanks to the many volunteers who come together every day to support HALO's mission!

The February Volunteer of the Month in Jefferson City is Dawn Sebion from the University of Missouri Extension program!

Dawn has been volunteering with the Jefferson City Learning Center by providing her expertise to HALO youth in the HALO Girls Home, Boys Program, and JCAC Middle School. Dawn's programming focuses on the youth's health and well-being. From discussions on food groups to cooking measurements, HALO kids have learned about nutrition in a fun and engaging way, thanks to Dawn.

Thank you, Dawn, for your knowledge and creativity in the variety of programs you've brought to the Jefferson City Learning Center, emphasizing nutrition to HALO kids!

The February Volunteers of the Month in Kansas City are the numerous volunteers who dedicated their time and talents to support the largest HALO fundraiser of the year!
HALO Volunteers have been preparing for the Kansas City Art Auction since last year by picking up silent auction donations and taking home boxes of save-the-dates and invitations to send to guests. As we got closer to the event, volunteers continued to support by taking pictures of items to be displayed on our online bidding platform, organizing and wrapping packages for safe transportation to the venue, preparing HALO Youth for a dance performance, folding programs, and other signage for the event, and more!

HALO Volunteers & Staff Mailing Party

HALO Volunteers, Emma, Katie, & Olivia, Ready for Check-In

Volunteers also supported the event throughout the day by transforming The Midland Theatre into a beautiful space with over 100 auction packages, over 30 tables, and fun games to play, like spinning the Moroccanoil Wheel! During the HALO Art Auction, volunteers helped guests navigate the space, answered questions, took pictures, displayed live auction items, helped with the fund-a-need, and assisted with the check-in/out process.

Janna, HALO Volunteer, Handing Out Prizes

HALO Volunteer, Meagan, Helping Guests

Every volunteer played a crucial role in the Kansas City HALO Art Auction, which raised (so far) $875,000!

Thank you Allison Reese Davis, Bob & Lea Daum, Chris Meier, Cindy Bartko, Dominique Dziedzic, Jaime Mesias, Janna Ferdous, Jessica Dunlap, Judy Miksch, Julianna Krebaum, Katie Ketel, Kerri Butler, Maddyn Smithpeter, Maite Villar Lecumberri, Meagan Pessoa Rivero, Mike Day, Natalie Tupper, Nik Melton, Olivia Pikul, Oscar Pessoa Rivero, Patty Gerken, Sarah Hughes, Saul Flores, Seth Arnold, Tim Gorski, Tony Diepenbrock, Trevor Gorges, and Zach Warring!

Join our amazing HALO Volunteer Team and make an impact on homeless and at-risk kids all over the world!
Volunteer at HALO

HALO Volunteers, Trevor & Olivia, Presenting

Maddyn, HALO Volunteer, with HALO Youth