Focus Life Skill Speaker: Zach Warring

HALO Volunteer Zach Warring joined the HALO Staff in May, sharing his extensive research and knowledge on Focus. As a volleyball coach for just about 15 years, Zach has worked with little kids and coached against schools like KU, MU, and Creighton.

"Throughout that adventure, I have been on my own personal journey of understanding what it means to be human. I've poured myself into books, documentaries, and podcasts on sociology, biology, neurology, psychology, mathematics, geopolitics, history, and much more as I attempt to best prepare myself to help others find their way."

Zach spoke on "flow state" and led a research-based and engaging conversation with HALO Staff as we problem solved together different ways to practice May's Life Skill of Focus.

Prior to meeting with the HALO Team, Zach encouraged everyone to reflect on the four Fs of Flow State: focus, freedom, feedback, and four percent. During the discussion, staff shared which aspect helps them focus and get into their flow state, where they are so zoned into a task or project that buildings could crumble around them, and they wouldn't notice.

Focus is setting aside all distractions and blocking out time for a task at hand. Zach shared that the human's ability to focus on a singular screen has decreased tremendously from an attention span in 2004 of 2.5 minutes to an attention span of 47 seconds in 2020. Freedom is allowing yourself to work without judgment. "It's your time to play in your sandbox," Zach explained. Feedback is time to hash through what you've completed so far. You can sit and reflect on what you accomplished and what you want to accomplish next. The last F of Flow State is Four % which is setting a task to be 4% higher than your skill or comfort level. For example, setting a deadline that is a little close for comfort helps channel your attention into that task.

Zach broke down flow state in a way that the HALO Team could reflect on personally and professionally. We talked about where we can be strategic to help us get into our flow while also reflecting on how the youth that we work with also need to be taught these skills as they continue to develop.

Thank you, Zach, for talking with HALO Staff and giving us efficient tools to help us with May's Life Skill: Focus!

Every month, HALO celebrates and focuses on a new life skill to continue growing personally, professionally, and as an organization!

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