“Focus” Life Skill with Elisabeth Jamison

Featured monthly life skill speaker Elisabeth Jamison joined us via Skype from New York to share her expertise with the topics of mindfulness and power poses. Perfect time to bring more “Focus” into our lives as an organization plus great tips to teach our HALO youth.
Elisabeth shared that “mindfulness is like when you are in love, you take in things as they are.” She spoke on the importance of bringing focus to our breath. A simple exercise is to acknowledge03b68c0 a pain or emotion in our life and to release those thoughts in our breath. She said that if we look at these emotions gently, it can help diffuse it. Elisabeth said, “The only way to be free is in the present.” What a wonderful tip for our HALO youth too. Plus it does not cost anything and something they can do on their own.
Elisabeth also introduced us to a few online tools to help bring ourselves back to the present moment and to be mindful in what we are doing. One tool is for a computer and another is for your phone/iPad. How it Works: A bell is scheduled throughout your day and goes off to help us to remember to stop and then take in 3 breaths. Elisabeth shared that it’s an excellent way to gain perspective by taking a step back in what we are doing, bringing attention to what we are doing and saying.
Elisabeth added, “The moments you take should be joyous and lovely. Take a breath and notice you are alive.” Great advice, right?
Shifting gears she also shared the importance of Power Poses and how 2 minutes can change your life. Please watch a fantastic TED Talks presentation that Elisabeth shared with us. Power  poses work, and it’s something we can all benefit from with helping to reduce anxiety, better handle stress and boost our confidence.
Thank you, Elisabeth for your time and sharing very relevant information for our “Zen” toolbox. HALO is sharing this information with the youth we support and will practice it as a team too. As we learned from Elisabeth, practicing together is more powerful.
Readers: Please let us know if you start implementing these helpful tips. We would love to hear from you!