Focus – Our May Workshop

The life skill for the month of May was focus! Our art projects this month were centered around this theme. We believe it is important to cover this topic with our youth because focus is the foundation for a solid work ethic, which provides opportunities and success for our kids. Check out what they have been up to below!


On the left are three pieces done by some of our younger kiddos. Focus weaving is meant to teach them that focusing on a task is rewarding in the end. They create a piece of art, cut it into strips, then weave it through the background paper. We practice focus here by concentrating on weaving correctly, and most had a harder time on the first try. But by the end, they all created a unique pattern.

In the middle we have the product of our crumble project. Kids crumbled up a piece of paper, then unfolded it to paint or color the wrinkles. This project by nature comes out differently for everyone. It reminds us that everyone focuses at a different level, and that different levels of focus yield different outcomes.

Finally, on the right we see the line art project. For this one, kids put down masking tape, painted around it, then peeled the tape off to reveal a pattern. They needed to focus to remove the tape carefully without damaging the paper or paint. But, every piece has at least one spot that got a little messy. That's OK because everyone loses focus sometimes, even if the result is out of our control. We learned that the results can still be beautiful if we regain focus and do our best. 

We had so much fun doing these projects with our HALO youth, as always! Focus is not an easy skill to learn, but our kids are definitely on the path to success. We are proud of them today and every day.

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