Four Million Youth Homeless Nationwide


A recent article from Mother Jones discusses how over 4 million children across the United States are homeless throughout the year. They point to a recent study by the University of Chicago and a report from the Journal of Adolescent Health that reveals the stark realities and uncertainties many youth are confronted with on a daily basis.

“Young people simply cannot succeed if they are worried about where they are going to sleep the next night.

Youth homelessness is not an event. It’s not something usually where you have a young person who is stably housed one day and then the next day they are on the street. It’s often that young people have adversity over time that accumulates to first runaway episodes or couch surfing and extends into deeper forms of homelessness over time if those issues aren’t resolved if young people don’t get the support and services that they need.”

— Matthew Morton (Research fellow at the University of Chicago and lead author of the study)

HALO wants to break this cycle. Everyday all of our work is dedicated to helping at least one more child spend one less day alone and recent studies have shown that our support is needed more than ever. If you support our mission, consider donating here.