Gift Idea: Join The White Envelope Movement!

WhiteEnvelopeGraphic-300x277Looking for the perfect gift idea? This year start a new holiday tradition with your family. HALO is participating in The White Envelope Movement and we encourage you to do so as well. The idea is simple: choose a cause of your choice to donate to in lieu of purchasing gifts for your loved one in order to promote Spending With A Purpose. Once you’ve made your donation, write down what you have done in their honor and place it in a white envelope. The value of The White Envelope is unmeasurable and continues to live on long after the holidays have ended. If you are interested in choosing The HALO Foundation for your White Envelope gift, you may do so here. We even have a customized card that you can print out as your gift like the example below:


Holiday_WhiteEnvCard_GreatestNeedTo find out more about the White Envelope Movement and its origins, you can read the entire story at