HALO Celebrations

Our HALO youth continue to amaze us with what they are capable of accomplishing! No matter what is going on in our world, we want to make sure to celebrate all of our kids' successes as a family would. This month, we want to celebrate three of our HALO girls who are taking on the world and all it has to offer. We are so proud of you!

Our youth make education a priority and show just how much their hard work and dedication pays off. We met CeeCee in 2014 when she started coming to the HALO Learning Center. Last weekend, we celebrated her high school graduation at her car parade! We are so proud of CeeCee for finishing school strong, and we know she is going to change the world wherever she is led next.

One of our HALO Jeff City girls took advantage of quarantine and became a certified dog groomer! She was able to take all of her classes online and completed them independently over the last few months. We are so proud of her for not only turning this time into a positive but for all of the long hours she put into the certification. 

Madison is also embarking on a new adventure this summer thanks to all of her hard work! She will be starting college classes this summer and will be going for her Associates in Art for Graphic Design. We know that she will learn so much and be so successful in this next step. 

We are so proud of all of our HALO youth! They are truly capable of anything they set their minds too.

If you are interested in helping our youth achieve their goals by becoming a HALO volunteer click here.