HALO Children Finish Self-Care Workshop Series with Lesson on Relationships

This week we concluded our three-part series at the Kansas City HALO Learning Center focusing on self-care. The final workshop explored relational self-care and empowered our children to discern a healthy relationship from an unhealthy one.

Relational self-care entails acknowledging and appreciating relationships in your life that are good for you, stepping away from toxic relationships, and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself.

As a group, children discussed what unhealthy and healthy relationships could look and feel like. Our children collectively decided important characteristics of a healthy relationship include talking about one another’s feelings, respecting each other’s opinions, and admitting when you’re wrong. Our children recognized that poor communication and lack of trust are at the root of many unhealthy relationships.

To conclude, each child individually brainstormed ways they could not only develop healthy relationships with others, but with themselves too. After writing their ideas down, they then put them into their own personalized relational self-care jars, in addition to notes with phrases of positive self-talk and names of people they are thankful for. The ideas stored in each child’s jar can serve as reminders of how to develop positive relationships and express gratitude for positive people in their life.

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