HALO Children Learn Self-Care Techniques in Three-Part Workshop

While HALO offers healing and support for children, it is also extremely important that they learn self-care. The HALO Learning Center kicked off night one of its three-part Self-Care Workshop last week, with HALO children learning everything from how much water they need to drink to relaxation techniques. The workshop was led by Maria Sanchez, the workshop coordinating intern and a community health student, and the HALO youth discussed what self-care is and shared that they listen to music alone, run track, and paint. They also learned about the importance of sleep, water and physical activity by playing a self-care jeopardy game.

To end the night, the group made eye pillows that were filled with rice and their choice of essential oils. They chose the fabric pattern they wanted out of a selection of pre-sewn eye pillows and learned to sew it shut after they were finished filling it! The eye pillows will block out light while diffusing relaxing essential oils. Earplugs were also provided for the youth to create a quiet environment for sleep. While some individuals have their own bedrooms where they can close the curtains, turn off all lights and control the environment, youth in shelters do not have that luxury. These items can make a huge difference for children sleeping in a shelter environment where noise and light can be an issue due to lack of privacy in sleeping quarters.

We can’t wait for our next two installments of our Self-Care Workshop where we will learn about emotional and spiritual self-care and relational self-care! For more information on how YOU can help a child in need in Kansas City, please contact [email protected] and like us on Facebook for more updates on HALO Kansas City programming.