HALO Graduates

JC Girls Home: HALO Graduation

This month at HALO, in our Jefferson City Girls Home, we celebrated four amazing girls graduating from high school. We are so proud of our HALO graduates! Today and every day, we celebrate HALO kids around the world who are fighting to make a better life for themselves than the one that was handed to them. We celebrate their drive and are so grateful we can be part of their stories. We can't wait to see all they accomplish.

Our first two girls graduated on May 14th from Jefferson City High School.

Bella (left) plans to attend Flight Attendant School.

Ashley (right) plans to attend college.

Our other two girls graduated on May 12th from Capital City High School.

Marielle (left) has left for basic training to become a Marine.

Mea (right) plans to attend college to become a therapist.

We were able to celebrate our graduates during a Cappy Hour. The staff put together a small party in the home thanks to the support of generous donors. Our graduates enjoyed mocktails, food, and music and opened gifts. We love celebrating the wins of our HALO kids.

Several volunteers and staff members joined our grads at their ceremony to watch them receive their diplomas. When their names were called, we clapped and cheered to celebrate their achievements.

No matter where our kids go or how far life takes them, they will always have the support of the HALO family.

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