HALO November and December Guest Speaker of the Month

November’s Life Skill is “Health”. HALO invited Kelli Jones to join us to speak at our monthly staff meeting. Kelli took a holistic approach to health, focusing on mind, body, and spirit.

Kelli talked about the importance of prioritizing sleep to let your body heal.  Creating a bed time routine is helpful to let your body know it is time to sleep. Little things, such as switching your phone to nighttime mode and limiting your screen time can lead to a better, more healing sleep.

She also believes your immune system and stress level go hand-in-hand. Proactively managing your stress will lead to a stronger immune system and a healthier you. Another way of improving your immune system is taking care of your gut. Eating healthy and taking a quality probiotic before bed can improve your gut health, enhancing your overall health. Additionally, Kelli touched on the importance doing what you can to cut down on the number of toxins you are exposed to. Toxins are found in everyday items, like plastic bottles, air fresheners, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, and household cleaners.  These toxins could be damaging your health.

Kelli also talked about the usefulness of essential oils. She uses the sense of smell to reach the emotional side of her brain. While taking care of your mind is important, Kelli likes to do Yoga, to let her body focus on something other than her mind. Yoga breathing techniques, or nostril breathing- is another way she improves the health of her mind.

December’s Life Skill is “Compassion”. HALO invited Macy Layne to present on what Compassion looks like to her, as well compassion in the workplace.

As Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. This is why compassion is so important. But to be compassionate with others, you first must be compassionate with yourself.  Recognize you are going to make mistakes, but you are able to learn from them. Forgive yourself, but more importantly, let yourself love yourself.

She also gave us 10 steps to be compassionate with others, especially in the work place:

  1. Offer guidance to a coworker
  2. Get to know your colleagues
  3. Help a colleague who you know is fighting to beat a deadline
  4. Encourage a collaborative environment
  5. Give positive reinforcement in front of others
  6. Think about your motivation
  7. Suggest a team building activity
  8. Encourage communication
  9. Slow down
  10. Be an example of compassion every day

If you are interested in becoming a Life Skill speaker, please contact nicolegerken@haloworldide.org for details.