HALO Heat 3v3 Tourney Recap

On June 2nd, HALO hosted our first ever HALO Heat 3v3 Basketball Tourney. We wanted a way to support our HALO Heat Boys AAU Basketball team while also giving our talented HALO youth a chance to shine and be supported. Thanks to incredible sponsors, and supporters, this event was better than our greatest expectations.

An amazing team of volunteers from Capital prepared courts, transported goals, and donated materials to ensure everything was safe, fun, and fully functional. Crowds gathered on Miller Street, where Central Bank generously allowed us to use their street, parking lots, and equipment. They also brought a huge team of wonderful volunteers who ensured every portion of the event ran smoothly.

Teams gathered, and we kicked everything off with an intense Grudge Match between our friends at Central Bank and Jefferson Bank. Jefferson Bank pulled ahead with a win, and tourney play continued throughout the night. The venue was extra beautiful thanks to spectacular balloon art courtesy of Dolli's Designs, and D.J. Pound Town made sure everyone had exceptional musical entertainment. Players and supporters were able to purchase beverages donated from long-time HALO supporters, Fechtel Beverage, and Coca-Cola Bottling Company. They also enjoyed food and refreshments from food trucks Mammoth Bites (who generously donated ALL their proceeds to HALO), Pizza Kwik, and RJ's Real Italian Ice.

All night we were so grateful for an atmosphere of family fun. Teams of HALO Heat boys competed against Sponsor teams, Jefferson City business owners, high school and middle school students, and teams made of HALO Tribe Members. It was a night we won't soon forget as we watched everyone connect, knowing we were all playing on the same team. The team that wants to make sure no child goes through life without the support of a family.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you. Thank you for helping our boys know what it feels like to be rooted for, believed in, and most importantly, loved. That feeling was new to many of our HALO Heat Boys.

Thank you to our sponsors, and thank you to every team that brought your energy and played hard. We loved seeing kids and adults compete and congratulate one another on hard-fought victories. Most of all, we loved feeling like more than just a group of people gathered in one place. Together we were a family cheering for the success of kids who didn’t believe themselves capable of success before. We are a family pushing for brighter futures for kids who can accomplish great things.

Check out some of our favorite photos from the night below. If you want to be part of the great things happening with our HALO Boys Program and the HALO Heat Basketball team, you can do that as a HALO volunteer. Click HERE for more information. If you don't have time to spare, you can still make a difference for our HALO Boys through our Wishlist. Click HERE to learn more.

We want to say an extra special thank you to our sponsors. Each one made an impact, and together, they made this event possible!