HALO Holiday Traditions

We can all think of those moments that made holidays special when we were children. The smell of fresh baked cookies in the oven, the sound of your parents singing carols (a little too enthusiastically) while you drove around town looking at lights. The feeling of anticipation leading up to Santa's arrival. The moments that made your holidays special. The same moments you work to recreate the magic of when you have your own children.

We want to pass those holiday traditions on to our HALO kids. We want to give them moments of magic that will stay with them long after their time at HALO has come to an end.

For many of our kids, memories of holidays are filled with pain, loneliness, and longing. So every holiday season we work even harder to give them moments of beauty to remember. We work to make the holidays special, so that they have moments to pass on to their kids that are filled with warmth and holiday magic.


Every year we create special moments in our girls home with Elf on the Shelf. Our HALO kids in the JC home range in age from 0-21, but they all enjoy waking up and seeing new mischief our elf has gotten into overnight.

This year, our girls named the elf Olah - HALO spelled backward. Olah has had a lot of fun bringing treats, taking "elfies" and even working out in the HALO gym. Such a funny little elf.


We make time for traditional holiday memories in our Kansas City Learning Center and Jefferson City locations.

Our kids get the chance to experience some of our favorite holiday memories, like decorating cookies or assembling gingerbread houses (while eating far more candy than makes it on the house, of course). We love watching them be creative and enjoy things that have always made holidays special.


Holiday-themed crafts are readily available for our kids throughout the season. We love seeing what beautiful things they create and the pride they take in their artwork.

Most of their creations then double as holiday decorations that they use to make their rooms more festive.

This year they made several ornaments, clay pot gingerbread houses, and even holiday slime (a messy favorite).


In addition to activities we can do in our learning center and homes, we love taking our kids on special outings.

We have enjoyed traditional local events and light shows and winter favorites like ice skating.

There is power in new experiences. Moments outside with our kids solidify their relationships with each other and our HALO family. They get to see things from new perspectives, and we get to introduce them to new ideas.

We are always honored to give our kids moments that make them feel special and remind them that there is goodness in the world, and the holidays are an extra special chance to show them, love. You can share traditions and give our kids a chance to make new memories with your donation to HALO. Donate today to make one more bit of holiday magic possible.