HALO Honors September Volunteers of the Month

HALO Jefferson City recognizes Lisa Washburn as its Volunteer of the Month.  Lisa is full of positive energy and always has a smile on her face. When she volunteers at HALO, she is quick to do absolutely anything she can to help. Lisa is super creative, and makes everything she touches look immaculate. She is kind and generous, and we are so thankful for all she contributes to HALO, she is one in a million!

HALO Kansas City is honoring Michelle Heath-Fisher. Michelle is always the first person to volunteer for HALO no matter the need. She leads our Art Auction hospitality team, has brought in multiple snacks and supplies for the kids, is always willing to volunteer for events, and has helped with countless mailings. She is also constantly working to connect HALO with people throughout the community. We are so grateful for you. Thank you, Michelle for your commitment to youth in the greatest need.

Thank you Lisa and Michelle for providing the foundation of a family for children without one.

Interested in getting involved? Learn more about volunteering at HALO and sign up for a Volunteer Information Meeting here.