HALO Life Skills

The Importance of Life Skills 

Teaching life skills is crucial for equipping youth with the knowledge and ability to navigate life's hardships. Life skills at HALO encompass a wide range of competencies, such as communication, critical thinking, compassion, and problem-solving. These skills not only enhance personal development but also play a huge role in forming community and adaptability here at HALO. By teaching life skills every month to our youth, they are better prepared to make important decisions, build meaningful relationships, and navigate the world beyond HALO. The cultivation of these skills empowers our youth to lead fulfilling lives and foster the skills they have learned for years to come.

Januarys Life Skill: Goal-Setting

At HALO, the life skill of the month for January was goal-setting. Goal-setting allows our youth to envision themselves as accomplished and in a better place than before. January is a great time for our youth to reflect and develop goals as they enter a new year.

Goal-setting fosters accountability, prioritization, motivation, and overall well-being. Here at HALO, we believe our youth are capable of greatness, and cultivating an environment of support is essential.

One way our youth worked together to achieve a goal was that they each designed a letter and combined them to create an inspiring message!

At HALO, we use the S.M.A.R.T. method to develop goals. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, rewarding, and timely. Keeping these factors in mind helps our youth to develop realistic goals and expectations for their ambitions.

Goals can be achieved individually or as a group. Community and motivating one another to be one's best self are essential in creating a supportive atmosphere. At HALO, our youth were encouraged to share their goals and develop ways they could support one another.

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