HALO Spring Preview

Looking ahead to spring, more artwork and programming is in the works for the HALO KC Learning Center. In March, we will be holding an Explore Workshop with an entrepreneur basketball trainer. We will also be hosting an Explore Workshop with artist Jaime Sanchez. Both workshops will explore each individual’s career path and journey. On April’s schedule, a three-session Self-Care Workshop will be available for youth to attend, where they can learn the basics and benefits of self-care through meditation, journaling, and relationship skills.


Finally, we will be holding a Professional Development Workshop, where youth can learn about professional interview skills, college & scholarship opportunities, and how to dress professionally. Are you interested in holding an Explore or Vocational Workshop, or volunteering for HALO? Contact Aubony Chalfant for more information at [email protected].

HALO’s Art & Life Skills Workshops will be exploring accountability in March, time-management in April, and focus in May. Check out some of the artwork the youth will be creating while learning about these life skills!